John A. Bushfield is a highly experienced professional with specific Skills in:

1. Career Transition - Coaching individuals to discover the key ingredients needed to reach their career goals

2.  Culture Development and Management - Facilitating a company culture that aligns and engages its workforce to achieve its mission..

3. Merger and Acquisition Support - Pre and Post transaction activities designed to insure the congruity of the combined entities.

Core Value Solutions, Inc.

*Coaching Individuals for Career Success * Culture Development and Management * Merger and Acquisition Support

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John A. Bushfield
President and Chief Career/Culture Architect 
Career Transition In today's hyper-competitive job market, traditional search methods have become ineffective  The employment landscape is rapidly changing, and candidates need to adapt to that marketplace by taking a much more proactive approach to career transition.  We guide our clients through a process that defines the key ingredients for them to differentiate themselves and successfully achieve their career goals.
Culture Development Cultures driven by an authentic, organizational specific value systems offer a meaningful and positive experience that appeals to employees, candidates and customers. Properly integrated, value systems provide organizational clarity, engaging the workforce and aligning it with purpose and enthusiasm.  We show our clients how to identify, integrate and maintain cultural norms that demonstrably improves productivity, efficiency, and both employee and customer satisfaction. 
M&A Support
Business transactions combining two or more entities are fraught with complexities. Financial, legal and technology issues aside, its the people component that most often frustrates the deal, especially after the transaction closes.  With active experience in over 50 mergers and acquisitions, we can provide diligence support on the front end and design an integration strategy that ensures a smooth transition once the deal closes, significantly reducing unnecessary distractions, and allowing the combined entities to move forward with clarity and purpose. 
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John A. Bushfield
President and Chief Career/Culture Architect

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