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About Us

Background & Business Approach

Core Value Solutions was formed to help individuals and companies achieve greater levels of success.   For over 30 years we have observed how conflict, dysfunction,  and contradictory behavior can act as barriers to achievement and self realization.  We have also learned how important values are in the pursuit of any endeavor, personal or professional.  As a result, we saw a tremendous opportunity to apply this knowledge and make a real difference in peoples lives. We chose career coaching and work culture development as the primary vehicles by which we help individuals and companies reach greater levels of success and happiness.  In all situations our approach is the same:  We listen, we understand, and we work to help our clients achieve the best possible outcomes.  We do not waste clients' time or money.  If we can help we will; if we can't, we'll say so, and why.  In either case we strive to make each encounter meaningful, productive and valuable.

John A. Bushfield

   Professional Background:
  • President/CEO/Owner:  Commercial Construction Recycling Corporation
  • Vice President, Operations: Gaming Software Company
  • Sr. Vice President, Human Resources: Telecommunications Corporation
  • Chief Strategy Officer/Principal:  Animation Studio
  • Chief People Officer:  Inter-Networking Corporation
  • Vice President, People & Places:  Internet Service Provider
  • Vice President, Human Resources:  Health Care Corporation
   Other Experience:
  • Chairman, Board of Trustees, Downtown Child Development Center (non-profit)
  • Member, Board of Directors, DeKalb Community Service Board (quasi-govt)
  • Member, Board of Directors,Pro Select Resources, Inc. (for-profit)
  • Chairman, Finance Committee:  Campaign to elect Frank Swindle
  • Combat Veteran:  Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Air Medal
  • Proud Father of a Special Needs Daughter
Core Value Solutions, Inc.
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John A. Bushfield
President and Chief Career/Culture Architect
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